Sports and Exercise Medicine Consultant

Dr Lorenzo Masci is a consultant in Sports and Exercise Medicine at Onewelbeck Sports Medicine and Institute of Sports & Exercise Health (ISEH) and Pure Sports Medicine in London.Dr Lorenzo completed his sports medicine fellowship in Australia before moving to the UK 13 years ago.

He has worked as a Sports and Exercise Medicine consultant for various elite teams and organisations including Melbourne Storm, Fulham football club, Tennis Australia and Wasps rugby. He also works as a sports medicine consultant in rehabilitation clinics in military and private practice at Pure Sports Medicine and ISEH. He is a visiting lecturer at University College London (UCL).

Lorenzo is a strong advocate of the use of ultrasound as an invaluable resource in the assessment of musculoskeletal conditions. He has been using ultrasound for over 10 years in the assessment of sporting injuries in the clinical setting.

He has an interest in ultrasound-guided interventions in osteoarthritis and tendon disease.He also has an expertise in advanced ultrasound-guided procedures and the use of Orthobiologics in treating musculoskeletal conditions.

He has spoken at numerous National and International conferences and has published peer-reviewed papers on tendon disease and ultrasound-guided injections.

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